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Bring Colour into your visits !

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Enjoy a fun moment while discovering Marseilles !

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Alone, onboard a mini convertible, visit Marseilles according to your desires !

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The only visit guided by tablet !

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Live a new and uncommon experience of tourism!

Group visits with imposed routes and schedules don't suit you ? MassiliaCar is exactly what you need !! Our team provides you with vehicles which use an interactive system enabling you to discover the city's emblematic sights and places. While driving a small convertible, enjoy a private visit of Marseille!

The only visit which unites culture and entertainment !

Our tablet guide enables you to discover the city's history and also offers a touch of madness, a fun way to enjoy the culture of Marseille.


While driving your tiny car, follow your guide as he paves the way for you.


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Say "No" to maps that are difficult to read and follow, and to boring visits ! Discover the wonders of Marseille thanks to a tablet that is, at once, your GPS and your tour guide.


Our mini convertible drives easily and makes it possible to weave in and out of the city’s narrowest streets ! Thanks to its colourful and fun looks, you can’t go unnoticed while driving a MassiliaCar!



You would rather not come to our store ? MassiliaCar comes to you! Our mini convertible is delivered at any addresses you might choose, so that you can start your route serenely and right away. At the end of the tour, we come to take the vehicle back. Don’t worry about anything! MassiliaCar’s team takes care of eveything!



1. Am I the one who’s driving the car (or is the car driving on its own) ?
You are the driver! MassiliaCar is a mix of a motorbike and a car, a small three-wheeled convertible which is very easy to drive.

2. Do we have to hold a valid driving licence?
You do. The driver must hold and produce a valid driving license, whether French or recognized by the French authorities.

3. How many seats in a vehicle?
Our vehicles offer two side-by-side seats. Passengers thus enjoy the comfort of a car while enjoying the convenience of a motorbike.

4. What’s the maximum speed of the vehicle?
50km/h is the maximum speed of the vehicle. The driver must respect the highway code all along the route.

5. What are the available means of payment ?
You can pay with credit cards, cheques or in cash. (We only accept euros (€))

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5 Quai de la Joliette 13002 Marseille. A proximité des terrasses du port et de la station de métro 'Joliette'
Open from 1 April to 30 September from 10:00 to 19:00 and from 1 October to 31 March from 10:00 to 18:00
+33 6 52 41 54 93

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